Nik’s Scales Read Over 19 Stone! Enough Was Enough!

Nik knew that something needed to change upon reading the bathroom scales when they hit 19 stone 2 lbs (121.5 kgs / 268 lbs).

For too many years his career, the focus on his work, his family commitments and a lack of exercise had provided him with convenient excuses. His weight gain had been compounded by the sad death of his father the year before, which saw an additional spike in weight gain of nearly 2 stone.

Weight Loss Ninja - Nik's Weight Loss Story

Weight Loss Ninja - Nik's Weight Loss Story

However once his emotions had settled, Nik decided to set off on his own journey to lose weight on one particular life-changing day in the month of June.

Thanks to choosing the right diet for him specifically, a diet that suited his outlook on life, and combining it with his very own self-coaching techniques, Nik started to lose weight.

The initial days of his diet were the more challenging ones; simply due to the numerous, (but required), changes in his behavioural patterns. He discovered that he needed to rely more upon his self-coaching techniques in the earlier days to keep his motivation levels high enough to stick with his diet, but, by knowing what he wanted, why he wanted those things and setting up concrete goals with meaning, purpose and focus, he managed successfully to get to the point of Critical Mass, about 6 weeks later, where his journey suddenly started to get a whole lot easier. Since then, his weight loss has been easy street.

4 and a half months later, the scales were reading a very different number. 5 stone 8.5 lbs lighter (35.6 kgs / 78.5 lbs lost).

Nik has now long since left behind his old daily feelings of disappointment, frustration, sadness and self-deprecation and now enjoys a life full of hope, happiness and more confidence. He has noticed that he now gets better results in many other areas of life as well, such as health, relationships (thanks to a better general sense of wellness and being happier) and in his career (thanks to less ‘brain fog’ and increased clarity).

He has started going to the gym, he takes health far more seriously than ever before and gladly eats a far better diet all as a result of a complete change on his outlook on life and what he now wants.

From this point onwards, Nik looks forward to a fuller and more enjoyable life having now got what he wanted. A slimmer and healthier body that is an incredible third lighter than what he used to weigh.