Nik Moore is a Trained & Certified Executive & Life Coach. Language & Behaviour (L.A.B.) Profile Practitioner, Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBit) Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. He’s also 5 stone lighter!

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  The Weight Loss Ninja Team

Weight Loss Ninja - Steve

Steve – Brand, Web & Social

Steve wrote the original code for the Internet back in 1847; he’s that old. In charge of all thing brand and website related, Steve has worked alongside Nik for many years on client projects.

Weight Loss Ninja - Nikki

Nikki – PR

Charged with spreading the word about our fabulous courses, Nikki is in charge of the Weight Loss Ninja PR machine. If you wish to connect with us in any way, please get in touch.

Weight Loss Ninja - Alvin

Alvin – Team Leader

It’s difficult not to overstate Alvin the Sprocker’s contribution to the team. Throughout the whole of the production of this course, each meeting started with Nik turning up and spending the first 10 minutes rolling on the floor with Alvin. Alvin never complained!