Trained and Certified Executive & Life Coach, Language and Behaviour (L.A.B.) Profile Practitioner, Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBit) Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

Nik started his career in 1996 working for a Corporate Presentation Creation Agency. His early exposure to the world of corporate communications and how communicating in the right way could inspire and influence the behaviour of large groups of people, set Nik on a new path: to study Neuroscience Linguistic Programming (NLP).

NLP is a discipline that focusses on how to use interpersonal communication, personal development and elements of therapy to get individuals results in life, plus it has its roots firmly grounded in behavioural psychology. From 2003 onwards, after Nik attended his first ever NLP event, he has been studying, researching and applying the techniques of NLP, plus numerous other associated disciplines, to coach private individuals and large corporate teams from their respective positions of status quo, to new heights of success in their lives.

Weight Loss Ninja - Brain

Nik has had a busy career all his life and found it easier to focus on his work rather than his weight, resulting in him reaching 19 stone and 2 lbs at his heaviest.

At that weight however the line in the sand was drawn; he decided to do something about it. He applied the very same techniques that he has been using in his corporate work since 2003 on himself and self-coached his way from 19 stone 2 lbs to 13 stone 8 lbs over a period of several months.

And with the help of his talented video production and digital web team, he has bottled his techniques into the Weight Loss Ninja Online Self-Coaching Course. A course that can be run in parallel with any chosen diet to keep motivation and confidence levels high, helping to keep the Weight Loss Ninja students sticking to their chosen diet.