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The Weight Loss Ninja course is easy to follow, easy to apply and designed to reduce the effort required to lose weight. That’s not to say you might not have a few questions. So, we’ve created a little Q and A section to share the knowledge…

If you still have a question that needs answering, please do not hesitate to contact the Weight Loss Ninja team.

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The Basics

No. The course is intended not to replace a diet, but to be used alongside it, to keep the chances of you succeeding as high as you choose to make it.

A diet focuses on your body and the physical act of losing weight. This course deals with your mind and helping you achieve your diet goals. Find out more here.

If you are struggling with weight loss, whether for the first time in your life or you are a habitual failed dieter, this course is designed to help you. Find out more here.

The course consists of 70+ carefully planned, precisely executed, professionally filmed and edited training videos and tasks. We take you from the very start of the process right through to the end in small, easy-to-understand, bite-sized chunks which anyone can follow. You can view a full course overview here.

Nik Moore is a Trained & Certified Executive & Life Coach. Language & Behaviour (L.A.B.) Profile Practitioner, Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBit) Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. Read Nik’s coaching bio here.

He’s also 5 stone lighter than he was 6 months ago! Read about Nik’s weight loss journey here.

Technical Stuff

Yes. All our courses are designed to be accessible on all devices from phone and tablet to laptop, desktop and TV.

All coaching modules are available to view in “The Classroom“, once you have purchased a course.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with detailed instructions of how to access a course.

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Please check your Spam Folder. If you find the emails here, please make sure you mark them sent from a trusted sender.

Our individual data is important to us all and we 100% respect that. We set out all the uses of your data and how you can access it in our Privacy Policy.

Course Specific Questions

The main course is far bigger than just watching the 7 hours of video content. The answer really depends on how in-depth you go regarding the completion of your self-reflective exercises. The general rule of thumb is that the more time you spend on the essential self-reflection and self-coaching exercises, the better the results you should see in your levels of motivation to stick to your diet. With this in mind, it would not be surprising for clients of the course to spend anything between 2 and 4 weeks completing the course. Furthermore, we would strongly recommend that you take the learnings, plus the application of those learnings, at a nice slow pace ensuring that you leave time in between sections to concentrate on the “doing” part of what will come out of your self-reflection exercises (as many of the exercises will end with an action that you will need to complete).

Rushing the overall course could cause you to not fully absorb the key messages and, very importantly, rushing through the exercises. This will not support strong belief change which is required to start to change habits. It is important to remember that for many people we may be setting about changing deep-rooted beliefs and habits that have existed for many years, even decades, and this does not happen overnight. The question we would ask is this: “What is more important: getting though the course as quickly as possible (because there are so many other things in life to get on with), or doing the course properly, getting better results and potentially changing your life forever by getting what you have always wanted?”

Finally, with reference to the video material, back to back the modules will take approximately 7 hours to watch in total. You may however find yourself re-watching certain modules to embed the knowledge, especially those in section 4 (the modules from goal-setting onwards)). Overall, we would not recommend trying to do too much in any one session. We would recommend doing an hour to two hours per day with 3 sessions per week. This would provide you with a happy balance. During this time we would recommend you focus on watching several modules then taking plenty of time between modules to complete the self-reflection exercises.

Whilst it is not recommended, many of the modules, but not all, have been recorded as stand-alones. In other words, they will make sense watching them in isolation. However, the overall flow of the course has been structured that each video, and especially each section, flows into the next. We recommend that you start at the beginning and watch each video and complete each exercise in chronological order.

We would not really recommend that you skip any modules. However, for a diluted effect with, nevertheless, a quick win, you could jump straight to section 4 and start working on the Goal Setting Modules. This is only recommended however for people with an in-depth knowledge of behavioural psychology, belief change and habit change processes.

The first three sections lay the foundational knowledge about how the unconscious brain works, and this background knowledge is invaluable when you come to section 4 and beyond.

We appreciate that in order to gain your trust that you need to see results come about as a direct result of you going through the course. There are a couple of things we need to clarify here. First of all, weight loss does take time and that is down to your diet. As you know, the Weight Loss Ninja deals only with the emotional and mental side of keeping motivated to stick to your diet. Whilst we would recommend you look out for the small changes to show that you are losing weight, and that your exercises and your diet are taking effect, we would more so recommend you take a mental “pulse-check” to tune into your levels of motivation.

The key question to ask is “Am I feeling more confident on what I want, and why I want it, and is that helping me to stay focussed on my clearly-defined goal?” If the answer to that is yes, then the next question you should ask yourself is “Are my behaviours slowly changing for the better and in alignment with behaviour that will keep me losing weight?”. Again, if the answer to that is yes, this is most likely to be directly attributable to the work that you have put into the course itself, and into your own self-coaching journey. As we mention numerous times throughout the course, the course empowers you with knowledge, skills, techniques, inspiration and the opportunity to self-coach through the reflective exercises. BUT it is ultimately you who will be self-coaching yourself. No self-coaching, no results unfortunately.

The more you repeat a new behaviour (which is an empowering alternative to your old one), the better the results and the faster an alternative habit may form.

Habit formation can take days, weeks, sometimes months to form so we would recommend you avoid having expectations that an overnight change is likely to happen. This is a healthy way to approach the course.

We have decided to use email as the best way to send you your reflections as soon as you have entered them on screen and hit “enter”. It is the best way of keeping each exercise as an individual piece of work. In other words, for each exercise you will get one email sent to you. Please can we suggest you are exceptionally careful that your email is secure and your password is not easily hacked. The Mindset Ninja Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for your emails being intercepted by a hacker.

If in any doubt, speak to your Internet Service Provider or an IT specialist and always use cryptic passwords that are extremely difficult for hackers to guess. The power of the course lies in your ability to capture your true emotions in the exercises, and that will inevitably include very personal details which we assume you would not wish a hacker to intercept.

Need More Information?

Nik would of course love to help every student on a one-to-one basis however, unfortunately, the realities of coaching are such that face-to-face coaching sessions typically last on average 2 hours per session. An effective coaching journey usually takes a minimum of 12 sessions. With the course having many clients it is unfortunately not practical for Nik to be available to deal with individual queries.

Coaching requires the coach to get to know the client and their personal story in an in-depth way before any coaching work can be started. Nik is however available for private coaching sessions, preferably face-to-face, or over a Skype call. Sessions start at £6,000 + VAT for 12 Skype call sessions, alternatively the client can come to Nik’s offices for face-to-face coaching. Nik’s standard hourly rate for coaching is £250 + VAT (£300). P.O.A. for face-to-face sessions where Nik has to travel to visit the client.