Taking control of your life gets you weight loss, not relying upon the latest fad

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Published: 1st February 2019

This Article was Written by: Nik - Weight Loss Ninja

We all know that the news is awash with headlines, almost daily, about the latest research to show that one particular eating habit can lose you weight instead of another. Then along comes another study to undermine it. It can get confusing I do appreciate.

The researchers themselves are to be congratulated in one sense because without their work we wouldn’t understand nutritional science and dietary advice on how to lose weight in the first place but sadly there just doesn’t seem to be an absolute, definitive best way to lose weight.

So with all this conflicting advice out there what can we do?

Take control of our own lives.

Don’t let life control you. Control your own life!

If you have ever read Stephen Covey’s famous book entitled “7 habits of highly effective people” there’s one example in it that always sticks in my mind. It’s the story of a man who said to Steven Covey that the gentleman’s wife didn’t love him. So Stephen Covey said in response “in order to make your wife love you, make yourself loveable”.

In other words don’t try and change things around you that you can’t change. Change yourself and change the things that you can control rather than focussing your energy on things that are beyond your control.

And that applies to losing weight as well.

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There is no magic pill.

Scientists are trying their best at the moment to find THE definitive eating pattern that will lose weight (such as in this article, published on the BBC New Website in February 2019, where it discusses whether eating breakfast is now seen to NOT promote weight loss) but we shouldn’t rely upon following the latest fad or the latest research blindly and expect it to give us instant results.

Diet pills, the latest weight loss programme the celebrities are doing, fat-burning drinks, eating chilli to raise your metabolism, eating nothing but protein…….sure, I acknowledge that there might well be something in some of these fads that does work, but they only scratch the surface of losing weight. I mean, for instance, take protein-rich diets. I’ve done them before. Sure I lost a few pounds but I put it back on again not long afterwards.

My recommendation would be not to read the news and assume that the latest fad or research will be the solution. The only real long-term solution to weight loss lies in the mind. It really is that simple.

Take control of your life by writing down goals for yourself, then set a plan of action, devise a way to bring that plan to life in as easy a way as you can by focussing on actions that provide mini-rewards for you upon completion of each achievement………..and start now. Right now.

Relying upon other people or the latest trend to solve problems is not taking control of your life. Life instead takes control of you.

I personally do completely empathise with you. I’ve been there. For 3 decades I allowed life in many parts of my life to control me and not the other way around. When I discovered the power of coaching and personal development, my life changed. Personal development thorough coaching is a process. You follow it step-by-step and you get change in your own life. And that’s what we do. This website and our online training courses empower you with the knowledge, tools and skills to bring personal development into your own life with weight loss being one of the benefits. Let us help you. Get started today. Why wait? 🙂

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