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Category Archives: Diets & Weight Loss

Personal development (thanks to the coaching process) holds the key to long term weight loss


Diets do not work, yet they don’t! Let’s get gutsy here and tackle this head-on to unveil the reality! Are diets useful in order to lose weight? For sure they are. The dieting industry wouldn’t exist if there weren’t any success stories. If diets were to fail everyone who decides to go on them then there […]

How positive thinking works with weight loss

How positive thinking works with weight loss

Positive thinking? Is it the be-all-end-all that it’s made out to be?…Yup! Think yourself slim. Stop smoking through thought alone. Annihilate stress with a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Yeah, yeah. We’ve all heard the sayings. And for those of us who try it… never works, does it? So, we’re then left with the sensation that […]

“I just can’t put my finger on it” Have you ever said this to yourself?

Ever had a feeling like you have a metaphorical tornado inside your head spinning round and around where, inside that funnel of wind, you have a feeling that you just can’t shift? The feeling keeps getting sucked back inside and you can’t let go of it. And in the end, you just can’t put your […]

14 hour days, 7 days a week, busiest quarter in 16 years… I definitely do not have time to go for a walk at lunchtime (do I)? Absolutely!

We are blessed with the busiest Summer so far at work since starting my company way back in 2003. However the late nights at the office and the working at the weekends do, of course, come at a price. Pressure, strain and feeling overwhelmed. Leisure time goes down as time spent in the office goes […]

Taking control of your life gets you weight loss, not relying upon the latest fad

We all know that the news is awash with headlines, almost daily, about the latest research to show that one particular eating habit can lose you weight instead of another. Then along comes another study to undermine it. It can get confusing I do appreciate. The researchers themselves are to be congratulated in one sense […]

The importance of being primed to spot symbols and metaphors in your daily life

If you have already been through the course, you may remember the module we filmed in Greece on the subject of symbols and metaphors. In that module we discussed how I was sitting reading a book, when I looked up at the beautiful scenery sprawling out in front of me. I was sitting beside the […]

Bored of the usual diet advice? Let’s give you some hope!

Weight Loss Ninja - Weight Loss

Do you ever find yourself getting fed up of starting yet another diet or buying a new diet book that says ‘This is not a diet book,’ as well as also claiming that ‘This time around it will be different? This time you will get that success that you deserve.’ However, you find that it […]